[NEET 2021 Result] – Big Change in Result Rule Done By NTA

As time passes NTA Improve, examination pattern and rank decision. NTA has made a major change in the national level medical and engineering entrance examinations this year. According to which now the candidates of older age will not be given priority in the rank list.

Prior to this, preference was given to senior candidates in the tie-breaker rule by NTA. Due to which the younger age candidates had to suffer.

Now if there is an equal number, the numbers of the required subjects will be seen and in the end instead of looking at the age, the ratio of right and wrong answers will be seen. Only after that the topper will be announced.

Toppers had the same number in NEET 2020, but age was given preference there. On which there was a lot of ruckus. Showing which NTA has changed it.

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